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It seems that even with the current economic crisis, the use of online payday loans is still increasing. People use online payday loans when cash is short and they need some money to last them until the next payday arrives. Normally this is only a few weeks away and repaying the loan is done when the money from their paycheck arrives.

An online payday loan is probably the quickest  way of obtaining cash in an emergency. There is no denying their convenience and although many experts warn of the high interest rates, online payday loans remain to be very popular.

If you would like to apply then simply click on the apply button on the right and fill in our simple form. We will give you an instant online decision and we make the whole process of getting your payday loan quick and simple.

Debt Consolidation Services

At this time of year, our debts can get out of hand and place us under a great deal of financial strain. Under these circumstances, debt consolidation is often a good option to take. At Payday Loans Provider we have partnered with some debt consolidation specialists to help you get out of financial trouble.

Our partners give you a free consultation to see how they can help you. They will then give you the best advice available to help you get out of debt and go forward positively into the new year.

Considering a Payday Loan this Christmas?

As Christmas gets closer, many people will be struggling to find the extra cash we all need to make it through. Many people end up in a lot of debt after Christmas so what can you do to make things go smoothly and have a happy Christmas?

Have a Repayment Plan

At, we always advise people to lend responsibly. Payday Loans can be very useful when used correctly but you must use any financial products responsibly. If you apply for any kind finance this year, have a repayment plan in place so that you know how you plan on paying back the loan and getting back on track as soon as possible.

Be Realistic

Everyone want to give great gifts at Christmas but this is a very expensive time and you need to be realistic about the costs. If you are going to end up in financial difficulty then you need to reassess things. Your friends and family will understand if you need to budget more this year. You can still get great gifts without spending a fortune.

Have a great Time

If you are sensible over the Christmas period then there is no reason to end up in debt, so enjoy yourself, even if you are on a budget!

Waring Signs of a Payday Loan Shark

We all find ourselves in difficult financial situations from time to time. These times can be very stressful and often, it can seem like there is no way out of the situation. A payday loan is only one option to consider in such a situation. They are often able to help people out of a difficult situation but they also have the ability to make a situation worse if you choose a pay payday loan lender.

Here are some of the characteristics of a payday loan shark that you should look out for:

No Communication

If the payday lender does not communicate with you very much and find it difficult to answer your questions then stay away. It is important that you can get in touch with the company and that they provide you with good customer care.

Excessive Interest Rate

Whilst all payday loans have a high interest rate compared to other loans, beware of companies that have a rate that is higher than other payday providers. The only way to know if you are paying to much is to do some research so have a look at various companies before committing to one.

Unprofessional Website

Is their website look professional and trustworthy? If not then beware. The website should at least make it easy for you to get in touch and ask any questions and they should also have a privacy policy that explains how they use the data they capture about you.

Who Applies for Payday Loans?

You may have heard a great deal about payday loans in the media recently. Most of the coverage of tells of how they are a form of predatory lending and that nobody under any circumstances should apply for one. This kind of advice is partly due the high interest rates associated with payday loans and also to do with the fact they are largely unregulated.

What these advisors do not know is that the majority of payday loans are obtained by people who are generally not in financial hardship and earn way over the average salary. Most applicants are younger people who often use the money to purchase the latest phone or fund a shopping trip. The cash advance is usually repaid without any difficulty. Of course this is just a generalization and there are also others who use these loans because they desperately need the money and a payday loan may be the only option available. For these kind of applicants, it is vital that they have a plan in place to re-pay the loan so that they do not incur further debt.

When used properly, a payday loan is a very useful financial product for a wide range of people. There are also some reliable payday loan providers available who are able to help applicants through short term cash flow problems.

So, in conclusion, you should be cautious about believing everything you hear in the media. You should do your own research if you are considering applying for a payday loan, or any other loan for that matter. Where possible, seek financial advice and always have a repayment plan in mind.

What Exactly is a Faxless Cash Advance?

If you have been looking for a payday loan recently then you may be quite confused by the range of terms used to refer to payday loans. Most of these terms refer to the exact same thing- a loan that is taken out over a short period of time to cover you when cash flow is scarce.

Usually, the wide range of terms are mainly used for marketing purposes although some companies do vary slightly, mainly in the time taken to provide the cash and the way the application is made. Here at, we like to try to match our customers with faxless payday loans. This means that the application process is done online and no documents have to be filled out and faxed to the loan provider. This has the benefit of being fast and simple.

Hopefully this has helped clear things up slightly. Whether the web site you are making your application on advertises their loans as faxless payday loans, faxless cash advances, fast cash loans or any other similar term, you can be assured that the product will be the same. The important thing is that you choose a reliable provider who is easy to get in touch with and makes the terms of the loan clear to you.