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backlink Service on Fiverr

The Google Ranking is nothing without backlinks. SEO beginners may wonder what a backlink is. So here’s a short explanation. A backlink is an incoming link .In other words, the link points to another page from another website, such as the blog. Backlinks were less relevant years ago. Since Google is so powerful and popular, backlinks are important for the ranking of the website within the search engine.

backlink Service on Fiverr

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The question of the importance of backlinks keeps coming up. That’s why backlinks are set, exchanged and even bought or sold.In part, backlinks from websites with a high pagerank and good stream of visitors reach an unimaginable price, which is even paid. For one thing has always been clear, links are the currency of the Internet, or indispensable in SEO, especially in the Offpage optimization. Of course, there are different link types , but especially  do follow backlinks are traded at bargain prices. The question that needs to be asked again is “Is this justified? Are the backlinks really worth so much? “Because one thing has to be realized, this is just a hyperlink on a website. The answers to the questions, I would like to conclude.

Building Backlinks – The Basics

Based on these innovations, there are some basics that you should know before you start building backlinks. These basics according to the current guidelines of Google and will continue to gain massive importance in the future.

Quality over Quantity

One of the most important changes is the meaning Google gives the different backlinks. In the past, more was better, but that’s not SEO anymore. Not every backlink is as mentioned above a backlink and has a different effect on our ranking. High quality backlinks from sites with higher DA short for Domain Authority bring much more than backlinks from sites that hardly have content and authority. You should definitely pay attention to this if you practice certain practices that are described in more detail below. In summary, the quality over quantity is becoming increasingly important.

Relevance is also a factor that plays a huge role. Backlinks of pages that have a high authority but have zero relation to the respective pages. One should therefore also make sure that the backlinks come from pages that relate either directly to the linked page or the article by the link occurs industries or topic relevant.

Backlinks that are placed emotionless anywhere on the page and also have no real relation to the site and thus are not of importance to the user are also losing more and more importance for Google SEO. Logical, because Google is trying its algorithm more and more to pay attention to relevance in terms of user experience.

For example, backlinks from other companies or review / guide pages from the same industry are much more important than pages that have a high status but no relevance or relevance to the landing page.

Backlinks for a good ranking in Google & Co.

A blog is now increasingly reviewed by search engines like Google and Yahoo by how many backlinks are available. Without or with very few backlinks, a blog on the search engines will not achieve any significant ranking . The result is that the website is rarely visited and only a few of the published articles are read. To build a successful blog, building high quality backlinks is important.

Tips for backlinks:

• High-quality content – in a blog, high-quality articles form the basis for successful backlinking. These link in the case almost by itself. Publishes unique content that arouses the reader’s curiosity and addresses their own target audience.

• Comments – who wants to stay up to date, inevitably reads relevant blogs. Anyone who writes a comment from time to time will notice. With a link in the commentary not only the readers are made aware of their own blog, but also the operators of the respective blog. These will visit your own blog and set a backlink if you like the articles. But you should not overdo it with the links in the comments.

• Linkbait – the construction of backlinks by Linkbait article offers the advantage that the blog operator gets so many free backlinks. A successful linkbait article is linked by many other blogs and the links generate traffic at the same time. Linkbait articles must be unique, address the target audience, make sense, and hit the reader’s nerve. To align the Linkpait article perfectly to your readers, you should know them well. Of course, the Linkpait theme has to fit with your own blog. However, such an article should not be written too provocative, otherwise you could get into trouble.

In order to achieve a good ranking in the search results on Google, both active and passive backlink structure are important.

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