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Craigslist San Diego

Craigslist is an online classified website that allows its users to purchase and sell a wide range of products and services, and even search for jobs. When you visit Craigslist, you will be redirected to the specific Craigslist site of your city, where you can deal with a local. If preferred, you can change cities to list something for sale elsewhere. Visiting Craigslist San Diego – When you visit Craigslist, you will be asked to select the city closest to your location. On subsequent visits, the website will remember your location and automatically upload a specific location for that city for ease of use. Changing Cities – If Craigslist San Diego automatically loads your actual location and you decide you want to list a product for sale on another city’s site, click the “Craigslist” header menu at the top left of the page. Doing so will direct you to the main list of Craigslist’s available cities. When you see a city you want to use to list your item, click on it to load the Craigslist page.

Specific place – When you click on one of the main cities, you have the option to collapse the location. Browse nearby cities in the “nearby CL” menu at the top right of the screen to view the cities near your selected city. For example, if you chose Baltimore, the CL Nearby CL ”list includes nearby locations such as Frederick, Annapolis and Eastern Shore. Listing – Once you’ve determined where you plan to list the item, click “Post to Ads.” Click the box next to “Sale” and then select an appropriate category. Complete the list of your products by typing a title, asking for price, description, email address, and uploading up to four images. Press the “Continue” button to list the item.

Craigslist San Diego

Beware of Scams

Although buyers seem more prone to scams, there may be sellers. There’s a lot of people out there who want to take a quick one. A popular scam, if a buyer offers you more money than you want, but asks you to send the difference back to them. Craigslist San Diego Usually gives you a check and then pay the money and give the rest back to them, but at the end of the check you will jump and hook up for the full amount. Another way to determine if contacting you is a fraud is to send you a message and indicate the exact entry title of your item. If you see:

BRAND NEW NEW Dre PowerBeats 2 Wireless, Black – $ 120 (Hillcrest) still beats pls available? Instead: Hey, you still got shots for sale? This usually means a bot that sends mass messages to a group of Craigslist vendors hoping to find a few to deceive. If you answer, you will definitely want to come back to send you a refund with Muthal and you will send the product to your cousins ​​at some addresses. In fact, when a buyer wants to give you money out of cash, this is probably a scam. Avoid shipping products, some shipping requests may be legal, but you have zero protection, as you do with eBay. (And if you want to avoid shipping, you can still sell it on eBay.) In general, it is quite easy to smell a fake or a scam – you just have to be the lookout. Just make sure your buyers are local and accept cash only.

You Can Meet In A Public Place

Perhaps one of the best tips to sell (or buy) something on craigslist Chicago is to meet in a public place. This can even be in a parking lot or in a cafeteria – just make sure there are other people around and well lit. It also helps to be in line with the security cameras.

chicago Craigslist

There are a number of reasons for doing shopping on craigslist Chicago, the first is to prevent you from being robbed or other fun things happening. It also prevents people from knowing where they live, which isn’t really a big deal, but you know that if you sell something, the buyer won’t come to knock on your door, because the product is finally broken or needs help or something. If you can’t meet in a public place, if you sell large items that you can’t throw in your car, then at least meet in your car or garage and don’t let the buyer enter. If you want, you can set up your phone and even record the process video for some extra security.

Cash only

We’ve talked about this before, but it repeats: it never accepts a form of payment other than cash. A check may return and any form of online payment, such as PayPal, may cause the buyer to object to the customer by telling them that they have not returned the product, allowing PayPal to refund the buyer. In addition, if you sell a product on craigslist Chicago that requires a test drive that they take from you, such as a car, if they want money in their hands, dispose of it or decide to steal it, at least I will receive the money from the sale. If you ask for cash in hand, the buyer may ask for something in return, such as a title, if you decide to run away with money, but this is just as much as you want to be in your hands.

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