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What is music? For many it is a lifestyle. The Chinese philosopher Confucius recognized the importance of music in people’s lives, saying: “Music produces a kind of pleasure, without which human nature cannot live.” Music is not just a combination of sounds. For some it is therapy for the body, mind and soul, and it is the cure for the chaotic world of noise. It is a clue to our lives. The music is so powerful that when we hear a particular melody, it can transport us in an instant to a special moment of our life. From the beginning, music has been an integral part of all cultures. From beating two sticks, to the complexity of a group, music identifies the people. Music can also unite people with different ideas, idiosyncrasies and lifestyles. Music also records time. It’s amazing how we can review the past and, thanks to music, we can identify a particular lifestyle. For example, say the word “disco” and immediately images of go-go boots, and afro hairstyles come to mind. you can get NaijaVibe Music online.
NaijaVibe Music
Music not only allows people to be categorized, but unites them. Music is a universal language. How many people have seen Japanese dance salsa rhythms, Australians dance Tango, or Chinese sing country-style music? Music destroys the barriers! Music can also be used as an instrument. How many times have you used “Jingle Bells” or “Mary Had a Little Lamb” to remember the answers on an exam? Music is a powerful force of nature. Yes, from nature, because animals can also make music. An obvious example is to hear the birds singing. Think of the image of birds singing in the early morning and you will feel that calm invades you. In our case, music is a bridge, a bridge that takes us to our origins. Some came here looking for a better life, while others, due to political instability, came looking for freedom of thought and expression. But something they all brought with them was their music. Music is that part of our homeland that we carry in our hearts. The people of whom he will read in the next issue of The Messenger, came to Rochester from different places, but brought with them the music taught by his parents and grandparents. But before we begin, it is very important to talk about the beginnings of our community, and how this influenced our musical talent. When we talk about the golden age of Latin music in Rochester, we have to go back to the 50s. A Puerto Rican community of approximately 8,000 people was well established in the Brown Square Park area. Part of a great Puerto Rican migration to Rochester, challenging the harsh winters of western New York, they looked for ways to stay attached to the island. Many of those residents arrived only with the clothes they were wearing and with a guitar to calm their sorrows. As jobs were available on farms near Geneva, Egypt and Newark and in factories in Rochester, many of the newcomers found work and saved to bring the rest of their families. Some came because they already had relatives in Rochester and risked staying here. In the next issues we will talk about those brave and how music was a way to entertain the community and bring it back to its roots to relieve the pain of living in a new environment.

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