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The melody of a mp3 is important because it will allow your listeners to remember your music. But how to compose it? This is what I reveal to you in this article by presenting 5 infallible methods that will help you find beautiful melodies for your songs. At the beginning of Composer Music, one of the first articles I could write listed 5 methods of music composition . In the continuity and in the spirit of this article, I wanted today to propose you a ticket dealing more specifically with the different ways that existed to find a beautiful melody for your songs.

So I’ve put together a little “top 5  ” of the different methods frequently used by composers. In addition to the classic methods, you will find in this top 5 some pirates techniques of my own. I do not think that these techniques are approved by the friendly small budding composers, but at least they are effective! I did not deprive myself to present them to you.

1) Use loops

The first method to find a melody is to compose what is called a “loop  “. A loop is a coherent and fairly short sequence of chords or rhythms that is repeated throughout the piece. This loop can be melodic (following chords performed by your instrument), or rhythm (drum or drum machine sequence). Once you have made a loop using your favourite instrument, play it loop-wise (did you see the level of this joke? ), And finally sing over it . Humble an air that goes through your head and inspired by the chords you just found. If like me you do not know how to sing, rest assured it’s really not serious: the most important thing is that you “hear” the note you want to get. It does not matter if it is wrong when it comes out of your mouth.

2) Use already known chord loops

This technique is a pirate variant of the previous one. Like its big sister, this method consists of finding a melody from a loop. However, this time, instead of using a loop of original chords that you will compose yourself, use a loop from an already existing song  ! Do not worry, we will not stop there. Even if you are going to use an already existing chord loop, you will have to define an original melody. In addition, thanks to a sleight of hand ”  Alex Special Piracy 2013 ®  “, you will see that it will not even be possible to recognize the original song. Once you have your new melody, now is the time to set up our little sleight of hand: we will re-harmonize our new melody (see my article “Composing an accompaniment from a melody ” ) in forgetting the original agreements. Of course, despite the re-harmonization some of them will remain, but I can guarantee you that in the end, you will get a new composition completely different from the original one.

3) Write a melody from lyrics

Many musicians first write their lyrics before composing their music. Indeed, a text contains a lot of information that can guide the turn of the song and its melody. For example, if the text is sad, you will know that the use of a minor tone will be particularly appreciated. To define a melody from a text, you will have to read the text several times in order to impregnate it completely . Once you have the atmosphere of the song in mind, try to sing the lyrics until you find an air that suits you. If, despite everything, you still cannot find a melody for your music, here is a small and frequently used method that can be useful: this technique is based on the intonation and phrasing of your voice . Let’s do a little experiment so you can understand the principle:

4) Change an existing melody

And yet a new pirate method for the road! I do not stop, it’s Christmas. Well, that one, I grant you, it is really limited. But it is very frequently used and remains moreover very effective. So I will not bother to introduce it to you. To apply this technique, you can proceed in different ways: As in the following example, you can just change the rhythm of the melody while keeping its notes. You will already see that the result is totally different from the original! You can also do the opposite: this time, instead of keeping the notes, we will keep the rhythm but change the notes. Again, you’ll be surprised to see the changes that entails! And finally, the last method is a mix of the two previous ones: take an already existing melody and change it and the certain notes and certain rhythms according to your inspiration.

5) Improvise

This method is the best known, the most widespread, and also the easiest to implement. To do this, nothing more simple: take a tape recorder, press the “record” button, and then go! Let’s go! Sing, and shove everything that comes to your mind. Do not stop for 10 minutes. Once you’re done, quietly listen to your recordings. You will be surprised by the results you may have!

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