How to Make Extra money on internet?

There is nothing wrong with dreaming about money that you get for nothing. It’s okay to want wealth but not want to work. Alas, if this happens in life, then you will either go to jail soon, or have already spent a lot of money buying lottery tickets every day. Therefore, normal does not mean necessary.

Rule # 1: You have to work to make money. But what kind of work it will be is another question.

The Internet has always been and will be the closest way to get money to such a rosy reality. The worldwide network gives all the tools to make money without taking your own body parts off the couch. You can do this while lying, standing, hanging upside down from the chandelier.

How one man developed a 'money blueprint' system to get out of debt

Rule # 2: Even on the Internet, you will need to DO something to make money.

What you need to understand when plunging into the world of information and social networks – all the tools are there. But often you need to find them, learn to use them, and then learn to use them effectively. And in parallel, separate the grains from the chaff and close the tabs of those tools that offer fraudulent methods in time. There are a dime a dozen of both.

Rule # 3: There are many tools for making money on the Internet. And the majority must be learned to use. You can do this in the same place, but you have to spend time and effort.

Hence follows the main truth, which applies equally to both offline and online – to make money, you need to invest something. Either money, or time, or energy. And most often, you will have to invest two of these three resources.

Rule number 4: to make money, you need to invest either money, or time, or effort. And most often – two of these three resources.

If you do not invest, then you will get minimal results, or you will get nothing at all. The most profitable and practical option is to invest time. But invest it in knowledge and skills that will make it possible to earn. If you invest time in the work itself (for example, decoding captcha), then you can also make money. But very little. As uncles from business say – it is not profitable, let’s do something else.

Enough of the rules, let’s take a look at the pros and cons, and then move on to practice.

Advantage & disadvantage of working on the Internet

The pros and cons are individual. Maybe you generally hate computers and smartphones, then the Internet will become one big disadvantage for you. Therefore, we took a general cut. Here’s what happened.

Advantage of making money on the Internet

Available to all

Place, time and schedule are not important

Everyone can learn

Disadvantage of making money online

90% of ways can bring money, which is only enough for a raisin bun

Need constant self-control

Many fraudulent schemes

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