Live streaming Gaming services available online

Live streaming Gaming

Movies and series streams have already prevailed, now video and PC games with cloud gaming. Thanks to game streaming services, you can subscribe to a large selection of games for your console such as the PS4 or Xbox One and enjoy games over the Internet. You can even stream a complete PC and start playing games on Steam. These providers exist. Gaming can be an expensive hobby because hardware such as consoles and gaming PCs often cost many hundreds of dollars. The publishers also ask you to pay for games; new titles such as those for PS4 or Xbox One often cost 70 euros at the beginning. Who buys three games, so often pays more than 200 euros.

Live streaming Gaming

But what alternative is there next to the used games market and special offers from dealers? Cloud Gaming! For example , stream video games to your console or PC as you already know with video streaming services like Netflix . We introduce you to the most important services focusing on the German-speaking games market.

PlayStation Now

Sony gives you the power to stream PS4, PS3 and PS2 games to your PS4 or PC. Especially the latter option can be worthwhile for you, if you do not have a console and the offers for a new PS4 do not seem good enough. You pay 15 euros a month for the service or 100 euros a year. 

GeForce Now

But you do not necessarily book a game collection with a video streaming service, so you can alternatively book a virtual gaming PC. This allows you to play current top titles with high PC system requirements on an old computer, a MacBook or iMac.

GeForce Now is such a service that also runs on Nvidia Shield . Nvidia offers more than 400 compatible games with the service, which is still in beta. He is free; Prices and the final start date are not fixed yet. The compatible games you have to buy yourself, they are not included in the subscription. Here you will get the beta login for GeForce Now.

Shadow by Blade

A similar path as Nvidia has also been chosen by the French company Blade with the service Shadow. If you have subscribed to Shadow (from 30 euros per month), you can stream a virtual high-end gaming PC on your old computer, on your Mac or your Android smartphone – in the future also on a device with iOS or Linux.

With Shadow you have access to Windows 10 and can use the operating system as normal, with the computer to surf, work or just play. To do this, you open your Steam library and start your already purchased games. Shadow is already available in Germany and Switzerland. Here it goes directly to the subscription.

If you want to know more about the service, just have a look at our review of Shadow . There you not only read our impressions of the streaming experience, but also the in-house hardware Shadow Ghost .

Google Stadia

In March 2019, Google stadia mobile also announced the new game streaming service Google Stadia . It should enable you to start current games directly from the browser. According to Google, you can watch a gaming session on YouTube and even join them with one click.

So you also need no console and no expensive PC. Google offers as hardware only a separate controller for Google Stadia, on the surface of which is also a button for the language assistant Google Assistant .

Already in November 2019 you should be able to use Google Stadia pc download, if you pre-order the Stadia Founder’s Edition for 129 euros. Included is the subscription Stadia Pro, which costs ten euros per month after a three-month free phase through the special edition. The free Stadia Base will start in 2020. Find out more on our Google Stadia overview .

Microsoft xCloud

Microsoft was impressed by Stadia’s first presentation, but the company also relies on streaming for games. Withthe xCloud service, Microsoft wants to enable you to enjoy Xbox games anywhere, anytime – even on a tablet or smartphone. First of all, you should set up your Xbox One as a server from October 2019 and be able to stream games to your mobile phone.

There are a few other services that provide streaming for gamers, though not necessarily in German. These include services such as Parsec, Liquidsky or the browser Vortex service. In the future, these streaming offers may also be offered in full in Germany.

Game streaming services have a future

Still (2019), game streaming services are in an early stage of development, but in the future they could become significantly more important. With flexible and affordable subscriptions, lots of up-to-date games, and a solid connection, these offerings could be real alternatives to costly hardware and software purchases. We will keep you up to date and will also gradually complete this overview for you.

Alternative Games Subscriptions

Are you interested in subscriptions where you do not necessarily have to stream? Apple brings in the fall of 2019 Apple Arcade for iPhones, iPads and Apple TV . Here you get games via a tab in the App Store and play them across devices without advertising or additional costs. Neither a release date nor costs for the service are currently known.

EA, however, offers you a game subscription for the Xbox One with EA Access . At the monthly or annual fixed price you get access to several titles of the publisher as well as pre-registrations for new publications. EA offers PC players the Origin Access service.

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