Windows 11 features updates and disadvantages

windows 11

1. Windows 11 installs useless applications (bloatware) that nobody wants

Windows 11 includes many applications and games that no one wants. These are the so-called bloatware applications, which in the past were quite common among hardware manufacturers, but did not used to be a part of Microsoft policy. When you do a clean install of Windows 11, you expect it to be clean, with only the essentials, but things aren’t quite the same. In Windows 11, you not only receive the operating system, but also third-party applications and games, which are pre-installed by Microsoft without your explicit consent. The list includes applications and games such as Age of Empires: Castle Siege, Bubble Witch 3 Saga, Candy Crush Friends Saga, Candy Crush Saga, FarmVille 2: Country Escape, Gardenscapes, Phototastic Collage, PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker and Pic Editor, Seekers Notes : Hidden Mystery, The Secret Society: Hidden Mystery and the like. For many users, these applications and games are nothing but garbage that uses unnecessary storage space and bandwidth. Unfortunately, Microsoft is trying to save even more money from Windows 11 users, even though they have paid for their licenses. You can read more about the types of bloatware you receive in Windows 12 lite and how to get rid of them in these articles:

windows 11

2. Low quality Windows 11 updates

With the updates for Windows 11, Microsoft seems to have forgotten what to do, distributing updates full of bugs and problems to users. Since we only have little control over the updates we receive for our operating system, many of the updates seem to spoil various things, randomly. Some of the Windows 11 updates have led to situations such as the disappearance of Bluetooth devices, displaying strange warnings, causing unusual increases in processor usage, which make Windows 11 run very slowly for no obvious reason, and so on. What’s more, it’s not as if users weren’t complaining about these issues: Some Windows Insiders have told the company about the issues caused by Windows 11 updates before they are released to everyone. However, Microsoft should profoundly improve its quality assurance processes for Windows 11 download, so that it doesn’t ruin things as often as it has done so far.

3. In Windows 11, you will find ads everywhere

Microsoft displays advertisements all over the operating system. From time to time, Windows 11 displays advertisements in the Start Menu , on the lock screen, in the taskbar, in notifications, and even in Explorer ! What is this? If you hate seeing ads on a product you paid for, read the Ads in Windows 11: How do you disable them everywhere?. visit for more info on windows 11

4. The way Windows 11 addresses the issue of privacy is not the best

Microsoft, like any other big company, like Google or Facebook, is not exactly what you would call a privacy-oriented entity. Windows 11 had its share of privacy issues , which made users reluctant to install and use it. It does not mean that Windows 11 does not allow you to enable or disable every aspect of privacy. The problem is that all the data collected is controlled by a series of switches that are implicitly active in Windows 11. How many people from the people you know will go through all the settings application or the Windows 11 installation wizard, so to have the most private user experience possible?

5. You cannot have different themes and visual elements on each virtual desktop

We also use Linux distributions, where virtual desktops are an old feature, which are highly customizable. Although we are happy that virtual desktops are present in Windows 11, we do not appreciate the fact that you cannot set different themes and visual elements for each virtual desktop . The ability to create your own desktop the way you want helps you to be more productive and to realize faster which desktop you use. For example, it would be very useful to have different icons on each virtual desktop, different wallpapers for each and so on.

6. The home group disappeared from Windows 11

windows 11

Microsoft has decided to remove the Home Group feature from Windows 11 , starting with the April 2018 Update . Why did they choose to do this? The company’s response was that Windows 11 has new sharing facilities, such as One Drive, and that people should not continue to use old features. We were disappointed to hear this, because we were really relying on using Home Groups to easily share files and folders on our Windows computers from our local networks. Of course, OneDrive is a great service and sharing with it is easy to do. But what if you don’t have an internet connection at home, or don’t want to use it?

7. The Settings application does not include all the options in the Control Panel

Microsoft has created Windows 11 as a unified experience, meaning you should be able to easily use it on any device, whether it’s a desktop PC, a laptop or a tablet. To do this, it had to redevelop almost every aspect of the user interface so that it could be easily used, including touchscreens. We can see that Windows 11 has evolved a lot since it was launched in 2015, but there are still many things to do. One of the most important is that not all options in the old Control Panel have been ported to the Settings application yet. It is 2019 and it has been more than four years since the launch of Windows 11 and yet there are settings and options that have not yet been moved to the application Settings!

8. The Start menu does not synchronize between devices

Synchronizing the Start screen on your devices was a great feature, first introduced in Windows 8. That meant you could switch from one device to another and the Start screen would look the same. However, Microsoft did not keep this feature in Windows 11. More visits here – However, the reason for the decision seems to be that many users may wish to have different Start Menus on each of their devices. It may be true, but why choose to remove a feature, instead of improving it? Windows 11 might have given you the option of letting you choose whether or not to sync your Start Menu. If this option is useful to you, it would be good to use it.

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